Fire ban in Ljusdal and Gävleborg

An intensified fire ban is in effect for Ljusdal municipality and all of Gävleborg County since Tuesday July 24th at 10 am. Critical forest fires are in progress, and there is a very high risk of more. A small spark can quickly spread and have serious consequences.

The dry and hot weather is basically continuing throughout the entire country. The risk of fire are reaching extreme levels. At this moment, forest fires must be fought early. The situation is extremely serious. Inhabitants as well as visitors are urged to take responsibility and follow the intensified fire ban. If you cause a fire, you can be held liable.

The implementation of the intensified fire ban, which is in effect until August 31st, means that it is totally forbidden to light fires or grill/barbecue outdoors in all municipalities in the county. The ban now also includes fires and grill/barbecue in private yards, fireplaces, the use of backpacking stoves, candles and torches. No exceptions are allowed.

Sources of information: The County Administrative Board of Gävleborg, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency and Sveriges Radio.